So you are on holiday in Istanbul and you have used guide in Istanbul, you have been out and taken part in many of the things that Istanbul has to offer, so now you are deciding what to do for your evening entertainment, and one thing you should know is that there are many things for you to do in Istanbul in the evening, and probably much much more than you realised.

Now depending on what Turkey package tours have told you will depend on the sort of things that you enjoy doing will make you decide whereabouts it is that you want to go and what you want to do. So here are just some of the ideas and places that Istanbul guide will tell you are worth mentioning, once you have the information where you go and what you do with it is up to you.

So you enjoy going to a bar or two, here are some of the following bars that are worth taking a look at even if you decide not to venture into them.

An Italian school, or it was at the twist of the 100 years, Cezayir which is at Hayriye Caddesi 12 in the region Galatasaray Beyoglu, this is a sophisticated and swish bar. When the weather is warm, so in the spring you can go downstairs to their back garden which is gorgeous and a must see.

Limonlu Bahce, which is at Yenicarsi Caddesi 98 at Galatasaray, here there you will see a secret and beautiful courtyard and garden which again is another must see, here you will have to be on the lookout for the small sign that the bar has outside it, but once you are inside make sure that you order a mojito and sip it in amongst the series of lemon trees here you will find all the creative types that this city has to offer.
But why not consider having a party on the sea, and between the mid of two continents as well. So why not try Su Ada, this is a ferry from Kurucesme waterfront park, what it is, is an island that is not only artificial but also floating and it is in center of Bosporus, its stunning location is just right for an aperitif especially at sunset.

Or you may want to go to Urban, this is a hip neighbourhood and the bar is actually in an old pastry shop, which is beautiful to look at.

So you are a lover of live music, well do not worry, there is something for everyone. The performers are come in range from famous Turkish stars all the way up to hip-hop, reggae bands, and jazz and they can all be seen at Babylon, which is at the Sehbender Sokak 3. This is Istanbul’s foremost gig site and just to give you some idea of the famous people who have graced its stage, include Kate Nash and Manu Chao.

But that is not all Istanbul night life has to offer, there are venues that offer dub, punk shows and reggae. Other places offer alternative gigs, electronica, international names including: The Charlatans and Tricky.

There are even jazz and blues nights at the legendary Nardis Jazz Club, so as you can see there really is something for everyone.

So here you have some of what Istanbul has to offer at night, but you have decided that you would really love to dance the night away into the small hours, well this is another thing that you can do and there is no shortage of either which is what an Istanbul tour operator will mention. Depending on what type of dancing you are interested in will determine where it is you will go to and end up at the end of the night.

So do you want to see traditional dancing or are you looking for a nightclub? Well, all this and more is out there waiting for you all you need to do is go out there and find it, who knows what adventures you will have along the way, but one thing is for sure no matter where you end up you are guaranteed to have an evening you will never forget.

So why not head down towards the region of Hodjapasha Culture Centre, here you will be able to see traditional dancing.

If it is nightclubs you are after then take a look at the alfresco Bosporus-side nightclubs, take Reina, here you will find house, electro, and the city’s elite grooving the night away. Or try Blackk or Sortie. If it is hip-hop you are after then go to Riddim, this place has had some of the biggest names in hip-hop play on its stage and include: Busta Rhymes, Lil Jon and Ja Rule. If it is something a little cheesy you are after then you have to go to Sultanas Nights, here you will see dancing gigs, and you can also have a meal here and have lots of fun at the same time. If it is funk and soul tunes then you need to head to W Lounge, here you will find top DJs on the bill and you can even take a wander onto the terrace that have moonlight in it.

Now once your night of dancing, drinking and having fun is over, what could be better than before going back to your hotel room finding a place to grab that much needed cup of tea or coffee and some well-deserved breakfast.

If you enjoy eating homemade jams, puffy bread or pogacabread as they call it, olives that have been marinated and herby cheeses, then make this your first and only stop of the morning, with so much on offer there is surely going to be something for everyone’s taste. You will generally pay around the cost of £7 per head which is for a classic breakfast but they also offer a limitless and executive Sunday brunch would cost you anything from £15 to £40.

Other places that you may like to try are Kale Café and Evi, here you will be able to taste crepes that are stuffed with all sorts of goodies, they have clotted cream on offer and honey, or you can try feta like cheese which has herbs in it, you can have scrambled eggs with peppers and tomatoes.