A crowded place, yet the Turkish and the tourist consider this as the most lovable spot! Read to find out more and ask your Turkey tours to let you stay here awhile


Taksim Square
Taksim is more like America’s time square. It is a place for cultures, a place with loud yet easy listening music, a place where pigeons are pretty and everything in between. This is the place where Turkish youngsters show off their fashion street styles.


Interesting places:

Shopping boutiques
Music stores
Culture attractions
Galleries of arts
Vintage stores


Night clubs

As the prime garment exporter to London, you will find the International brands quite cheaper here. Although some big brands still offer high prices goods, there are also boutiques that sell second hand goods.


Istiklal Street

Popularly known as Istiklal venue, the place is visited more than 2 million people per day and can be more on weekends. The crowds are amazing and it is strategically located in a popular district where you can enjoy walking on pedestrians. This place never sleeps!
Istiklal, in English means Independence. The design was a mix of classic and gothic from the 20th centuries. Istiklal cadessi (how the Turkish call this place), has been reconstructed in around 1990 but still manage to enchant people with its vintage look. It is the center of everything where properties are in high prices and it is also a place for social activities, parades, and activists who protest. The avenue was used to be populated by immigrants before the renovation took place.


Multi cultural place

This is a strategic spot where you can find synagogues, churches and of course, mosques. If you visit Taksim square with your Istanbul guided tour, don’t forget to visit some of the popular holy places such as Hagia Triada, Saint Mary Catholic Church and the famous mosque Huseyin Aga.


Take a tram!

A traditional transportation still divides this modern place. Running from Taksim square until the end of the Tunel, the tram is the oldest one in the world after London’s. if you need to take a rest but not wanting to miss the beautiful views, you can take tram as an option. Enjoy the 3 km of distance and be amazed by the historical buildings that surround it.


What other things to do in here?

  1. You can enjoy hopping in to one of the Taksim Metro train. The surround paths to the metro station are very artful. Plus, the train is very clean.
  2. Enjoy local foods Here, you can find almost anything that your country might never have. Try local foods from the stalls in Taksim square. The burgers are delish and so does the ice cream.
  3. Try to go to Tunel square Bars and cafes are lining here!


In a nutshell,

Taksim square and Istiklal Street is the place where cultures gather and find entertainment and amusing experience. You should do the same and enjoy Turkey!

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